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January 27, 2023 00:31:05
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How The Marketing Power of a Bestseller Will Take You From a Best-kept Secret to a go-to Expert' With Steve Kidd

Steve Kidd is a best-selling self-published author, entrepreneur, business coach and radio show host. His mission is to assist and support individuals who are passionate about their work and want to become successful authors and bestsellers.  In the 59th episode of the HYBRID Author podcast host Joanne Morrell, author of children's and young adult fiction and short non ficton for authors, chats to Steve on: what constitutes a bestseller how authors can actively become a best seller how authors can use bestseller status to market their books to become a 'go-to' expert as well as hybrid publishing and much more.   http://wehelpyouthrive.com/ https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/freelance-writing-quick-tips-for-fast-success-webinar-tickets-519654690167?aff=ebdssbdestsearch ...



January 20, 2023 00:28:26
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An Ly-Tampere on 'Setting Up a Writing Coaching Business to Sustain Your Creative Dream as a Writer'

An Ly-Tampere is a trained writing and business coach helping other writing coaches get more clients. She herself is a writer and a business owner for the last 7 years, and has 10 years prior experience as a business consultant in the public and private sectors. In the 58th episode of the HYBRID Author podcast host Joanne Morrell author of children's and young adult fiction and short non fiction for authors chats to An on: the definition of a writing coach and what writers can expect when working with one what the criteria is to become a writing coach and how individuals can go about meeting this.   www.anlytampere.com https://anlytampere.com/unrealistic_goals/  ...



January 12, 2023 00:30:23
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'Plan Your Books The Way You Think' with Plottr's Education Lead Troy Lambert

Plottr is a new visual planning software tool for writers looking to outline their books faster, organise smarter, and turbocharge their productivity.  In the 57th episode of the HYBRID Author Podcast host Joanne Morrell author of children's and young adult fiction and short non fiction for authors, chats to the Plottr team's Education Lead Troy Lambert on: what Plottr is and how it benefits author practice and process how Plottr functions differently from other writing software out there (such as Scrivner) and  Troy shares his tips for authors getting started using Plottr as part of their writing practice.  https://plottr.com/ https://troylambertwrites.com/ ...



December 29, 2022 00:30:43
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Award Winning Children's and Young Adult Author Dianne Wolfer on 'Writing Across Genres'

Dianne Wolfer is an award-winning author of 23 books for children and teenagers. She has a teaching background and presents author talks and workshops at schools and festivals across Australia and internationally. Dianne is a passionate advocate for children’s literature in Australia and currently serves as the Remote Regions Coordinator for SCBWI Australia West. In the 56th episode of the HYBRID Author Podcast host Joanne Morrell, author of children's and young adult fiction and short non fiction for authors, chats to Dianne about: writing across genres the publishing industry and working with different publishing houses commissioned works and hybrid authorship and Dianne shares her tips for authors looking to write in multiple areas.    https://diannewolfer.com ...



December 29, 2022 00:29:31
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Lessons Learned in 2022 and What's to be in 2023

Join Joanne Morrell for the final episode of the HYBRID Author podcast in 2022! Joanne reflects and chats on: lessons learned money earned and words and focus for me in 2023 www.hybridauthor.com.au ...



December 23, 2022 00:24:44
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Merry Christmas Mashup of 2022 End of Year Guests

Snippets from 2022 past guests who have appeared on the podcast since September: Episode 39  Mariam El Houli On Why The Best Time to Chase Your Dreams is Right now  Episode 40  So You Want to be a Writer 'How to Get Started While You Still Have a Day Job' With Allison Tait  Episode 41  Amy Calautti on 'How to Hire an Illustrator' Episode 42 Helen Scheuerer on 'How to Write a Successful Series' Episode 43  The Reluctant Book Marketer Jody J Sperling  Episode 44 Digital Lending Rights (DLR) Payments for Authors Wtih Joanne Morrell Episode 45 Valerie Khoo on Building the Creative Business of Your Dreams  Episode 46  Pauline Yates on 'Writing Horror' Episode 47 Peter Quarry on 'Making Peace With the Past and Re-energeising for the Future' Episode 49 Steven Herrick on Being a HYBRID Author of Cycling Travel Books for Adults and Children's and Young Adult Fiction Episode 50 'Your Author Business Plan' With Joanna Penn Episode 51  Katie Montinaro on 'Writing Christmas Themed Rom Com' Episode 52  Annual Planning for Creatives With Orna Ross Episode 53  Making Decisions to Make Things Happen with Robyne Young    https://thorncreative.com.au/ ...