Tips on Judging Writing Competitions with Nadia L King

Episode 001 May 28, 2021 00:23:35
Tips on Judging Writing Competitions with Nadia L King
Tips on Judging Writing Competitions with Nadia L King

May 28 2021 | 00:23:35


Show Notes

Have you ever wondered how to become a Judge for a writing award or a writing competition? Would being a Judge boost your author profile or inspire your own works of writing? Is Judging a great networking and marketing tool for your author career? 

In this first episode of the HYBRID Author podcast, host Joanne Morrell, children’s and young adult fiction writer and author of short nonfiction for authors, interviews Nadia L King.

Nadia is an award winning short story writer and picture book and young adult fiction author. She has been a repeat Judge for many writing awards and competitions in Western Australia including the prestiges Tim Winton Young Writer's Award. 

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