Monique Mulligan on The Publishing Collective

Episode 26 May 27, 2022 00:38:35
Monique Mulligan on The Publishing Collective
The HYBRID Author
Monique Mulligan on The Publishing Collective

May 27 2022 | 00:38:35


Show Notes

Pilyara Press is the Publishing Collective behind Monique Mulligan's debut novel 'Wherever You Go' and her second novel 'Wildflower'. 

Monique is an author, interviewer, and founder of the Stories on Stage program in Perth Western Australia as well as a former journalist, news editor and publisher. 

In the 26th episode of the HYBRID Author Podcast host Joanne Morrell, children’s and young adult fiction writer and author of short non fiction for authors, interviews Monique on her Publishing Collective experience, discussing:


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