Digital Lending Right (DLR) Payments for Authors With Joanne Morrell

Episode 44 October 14, 2022 00:22:57
Digital Lending Right (DLR) Payments for Authors With Joanne Morrell
Digital Lending Right (DLR) Payments for Authors With Joanne Morrell

Oct 14 2022 | 00:22:57


Show Notes

Do you have audio and eBook formats of your work?

Are these digital files available for loan in public lending libraries?

Do you currently receive any compensation on library users borrowing the digital copies of your books?

Get the downlow on Digital Lending Rights (DLR) with The HYBRID Author podcast host Joanne Morrell, author of children's and young adult fiction and short non fiction for authors.

Listen in as Joanne shares

You can also write to your local MP to request the expansion of the lending right schemes. You can use our sample letter here


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