2022 Mid Year Mash up

Episode 30 July 08, 2022 00:29:27
2022 Mid Year Mash up
2022 Mid Year Mash up

Jul 08 2022 | 00:29:27


Show Notes

We've reached 30 episodes! 

To celebrate here's a mid year mash up of snippets from all the guests who have appeared on the podcast since January this year:

Episode 16 

Co-creating Picture Books with Family with Disha Patwardhan and Paridhi P Apte.

Episode 17

All The Ways to Make an Author Income with Frané Lessac

Episode 18

Educational and Public Lending Rights (ELR) and (PLR) with Joanne Morrell

Episode 19

Co-writing Middle Grade Fantasy Fiction with Denis Knight and Cristy Burne 

Episode 20

What Publishing Looks like to Bad Apple Press in 2022

Episode 21 

Lorraine Horsley 'On Writing Non Fiction'

Episode 22

Author Mentorships wiuth Jodie Spiteri-James from The Australian Society of Authors 

Episode 23

How to Start Getting Book Reviews with Children's Author Sharon Giltrow 

Episode 24

All Things Publishing in 2022 with Publishing Powerhouse Karen Mc Dermott 

Episode 25

Multiple Award Winning Young Adult Author Holden Sheppard on Social Media for Authors 

Episode 26

Monique Mulligan on The Publishing Collective 

Episode 27

Young Adult Fiction Author Sarah Epstein on Writing Suspense and Hybrid Authorship

Episode 28

Western Australian Premier's Book Award Winner for Writing for Children Shirley Marr On 'Character Voice'








Other Episodes

Episode 57

January 12, 2023 00:30:23
Episode Cover

'Plan Your Books The Way You Think' with Plottr's Education Lead Troy Lambert

Plottr is a new visual planning software tool for writers looking to outline their books faster, organise smarter, and turbocharge their productivity.  In the 57th episode of the HYBRID Author Podcast host Joanne Morrell author of children's and young adult fiction and short non fiction for authors, chats to the Plottr team's Education Lead Troy Lambert on: what Plottr is and how it benefits author practice and process how Plottr functions differently from other writing software out there (such as Scrivner) and  Troy shares his tips for authors getting started using Plottr as part of their writing practice.  https://plottr.com/ https://troylambertwrites.com/ ...


Episode 32

July 22, 2022 00:50:44
Episode Cover

The Scriptpreneur Tammy Gross on Converting an Award Winning Screen Play into a Best Selling Novel

Tammy Gross  is an optioned, award-winning, indie-produced screenwriter, as well as the author of The Treasure Galleons, which she converted from an award-winning screenplay into a number 1 bestselling novel.  Tammy, known as the Scriptpreneur, is the founder of WOW Hollywood, where she helps authors, speakers, coaches and screenwriters turn their dream story into a Hollywood movie. Her other script-turned-novel, Evangelina, also a bestseller, is slated for 2022 production under the direction of an A-List TV producer. In the 32nd episode of The HYBRID Author Podcast, host Joanne Morrell, author of children's and young adult fiction and short non fiction for authors talks to Tammy about her: incredibly adventurous story of chasing pirates, and being robbed by some, to get her start into the screenplay and fiction writing worlds dos and don’ts for authors looking to adapt their work into screenplays and novels or vice versa as well as  marketing tips for self published authors. https://www.scriptpreneur.com https://www.buymeacoffee.com/TheHYBRIDAuthor ...


Episode 39

September 09, 2022 00:35:24
Episode Cover

Mariam El Houli On Why The Best Time to Chase your Dreams is Right Now

With a bachelor of literature and composition from Griffith University, Mariam wrote her breakout novel, The Olive Tree, many years before publishing it due to the discouragement of those around her. A few months before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, mother of 5, Mariam faced personal and professional struggles which lead to a major realisation: in a COVID-19 world, nothing is guaranteed, and you never know what is going to happen.  'We are in charge of our own reality and happiness– no one else.'  During this time, Mariam's mind traveled back to The Olive Tree... deciding it no longer mattered what anyone else thought or said; she was going to try to make her dream a reality, embrace her love of writing, and share her story with the world! With a passion for storytelling and writing, as an author and a business coach, Mariam tackles all the complex issues nobody talks about, hoping to change the world one book at a time, starting with her debut YA novel: a love letter to the people of Palestine, and a heart wrenching look at issues of humanity.  https://www.instagram.com/mariam.elhouli/ https://www.buymeacoffee.com/TheHYBRIDAuthor ...